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Implants Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Dental Implants to Replace Lost Teeth

Dental ImplantsDental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth. From the front of the mouth, where they are clearly visible, to the back teeth, where they provide stability for proper chewing, implants can help you recapture both a beautiful and healthy smile. Unlike bridges or removable dentures, which rest on top of the gums, dental implants are placed beneath the gums. The “tooth” placed on an implant looks so real, because it comes through the gums just like an actual tooth! Implants can replace any number of lost teeth. Even people with no teeth can benefit from implants, because they can replace dentures with teeth that stay secure while talking and don’t need to be removed at night. Because our dental implants dentist handles the full procedure from implant placement to crown construction, there’s no need to be referred to another office.

Overdentures – No Denture Adhesive Required

Denture wearers might tell you the worst part is having teeth that slip, tilt, or slide while eating. They need denture adhesive in an attempt to keep their teeth from moving around. This is a major hassle. But now, at our practice, we offer denture patients an alternative – overdentures.

With the use of just a few dental implants to secure the dentures, your teeth will be “locked” firmly in place so they won’t move. Yet they easily snap off for cleaning. No more messy creams! Ask us today if you are a candidate for overdentures.

A Breakthrough with Mini Implants

Mini ImplantsDo you have dentures because you were told implants wouldn’t work due to insufficient bone density? Do your dentures slip, tilt, or wander, and you would prefer to have the strength and stability of implants? You might be happy to know about a breakthrough called mini implants. Mini implants securely anchor your dentures, eliminating slippage and trapped food. They can also be used to replace a single missing tooth. Placed in one dental appointment, they are virtually painless. You will even be able to eat the same day you receive them. Additionally, they can often be placed in cases where regular implants cannot, so you may be able to get the benefits of mini implants even if you are not a candidate for regular implants.

Beautiful Traditional Dentures

If traditional dentures are your best option, our dentures dentist can custom design natural-looking dentures that fit snugly! They will be comfortable and stay in place far better than economy dentures will. If you are a denture wearer, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much easier.

Don’t live with missing teeth any longer! Call 602-943-4220 for no-obligation implant dentistry in Phoenix, AZ consultation today to determine your suitability for dental implants.