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Laser Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

LANAP™ Laser Gum Treatment Laser Dentistry Phoenix AZ

Dr. Simpson is licensed in the practice of the Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure™, a minimally invasive gum disease technique. LANAP is the only laser-assisted procedure certified by the FDA to treat periodontitis or gum disease. You might have heard about or experienced remarkable results from laser treatments for vision correction and other medical procedures. Now, that same technology has revolutionized dentistry. Using LANAP, gum disease can be treated successfully without the use of scalpels or sutures, so healing can be faster and less painful than traditional gum surgery. If you’ve been told you need gum surgery but have been putting it off, let us show you how easy your treatment really can be.

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Gum Disease Phoenix AZ A. Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth.
B. Laser light removes bacteria and diseased tissue.
C. Ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments are used to remove root surface tartar.
D. Laser finishes cleaning pocket and aids in sealing the pocket closed so new germs can’t enter.
E. Healing of gums to clean root surface occurs.
F. Bite trauma is adjusted.
G. Healing occurs.

It costs nothing to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for laser dentistry in Phoenix, AZ. Schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation by calling 602-943-4220.

Video animation for LANAP
Click here to read more about the LANAP Procedure.

Dr. Robert Gregg, developer of LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) describes for the procedure, its benefits, and rationale.